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Things We Love About Baton Rouge In The Summer

A guide for visiting filmmakers.

A guide for visiting filmmakers

You know its summer in Baton Rouge when the snowball stands open and nobody blinks an eye when you show up to a meeting drenched in sweat. Yes, it’s hot, real hot. But don’t despair, there’s plenty to do in a Baton Rouge summer to help distract you from the heat, at least for a while.

Sun Dresses

Southern women, college town, short dresses. That sounds about right.


Don’t wait too long to enjoy this Louisiana speciality as the season is winding down. Long afternoons, an ice chest full of beer and a group of friends standing around a table piled high with hot, spicy crawfish. It takes forever to peel enough of the damn things to fill you up, so it’s a great excuse to take an afternoon off.


Cold beer to be exact. We’re not too stuffy about our beer around here and we prefer it in a can out of a bucket of ice. And yes, it’s always beer-o’clock.

Southern Comfort

No, I’m not talking about our warm and welcoming demeanor, I’m talking about a Louisiana founded classic liqueur. And gentlemen, do us a favor and don’t order a shot chilled with a lime or the bartender may ask you for your manhood as payment.


Yes, it made the list again. Why? Two words — The Chimes. While we may not be fussy about our beer, we are more than capable of appreciating a good brew. The Chimes Restaurant and Bar has hundreds of beers from all over the world, and there’s nothing better than playing hooky on a Friday afternoon with the intent of enjoying every single one of them.


Summer makes me hungry. Blue morning skies followed by afternoon showers and long hot nights just seems to equal copious amounts of food for me. It’s no secret that we love our fried food down here, but great sushi on the terrace at Tsunami’s downtown overlooking the river ‘aint half bad either.


Does your town come out in mass to tailgate before a college baseball game (or pro game for that matter)? Didn’t think so.

So, while Baton Rouge may not be Los Angeles or New York, we do offer our own particular brand of entertainment. And, when in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask a local — we’re the ones with the beer in our hands at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon.

A guide for visiting filmmakers.

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