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Concept Development & Design

Watch your concept come to life in the hands of our creative team.

Effective, compelling productions might involve the most high-tech gear we offer, but they all start in the same place: Creative Development. And at Digital FX, this process is serious business. Depending on the project, it might start with an artist, sketchbook in hand, or a writer, keyboard at the ready. Our creative team knows that the best end product are the ones that get the best start. Through our creative process, you can see how your message will communicate before we ever fire a camera. Think of it as a creative roadmap leading to the most effective productions possible

Our Creative Development Services include:

  • Logo Design

    Digital FX offers a full menu of design services including logo development. Let our designers create a logo that hits the mark.

  • Copywriting

    We offer full-service writing services for commercials, ad campaigns, videos and the web.

  • Storyboard and Animatic Development

    Script adjustments, timing and visual effects  are fine-tuned through the use of storyboards and animatics.

  • Campaign Implementation

    Radio, television, outdoor, web and social media—Digital FX can handle it all. We’ve developed multi-media campaigns for local, national and international clients.