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Our 20 foot hard cyc isn’t the only thing
that’s green about Digital FX.

In fact, we’re striving to be Louisiana’s first green post-production studio. Our new facility is being built to be certified with the United States Green Building Council as a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold compliant facility.

At Digital FX, we believe in cleaner, smarter and more efficient use of space and energy. Our new facility will double our current size, but reduce our impact. Using everything from green generators, recycled materials and even a bioswale around the property, we’re creating a responsible and environmentally conscious place to create stunning video and film projects.

Doing Our Part Today

  • Facility being built to be certified as a
    LEED Gold compliant facility.
  • Transitioned to using green LitePower generators.
  • Goal of reducing waste by using a minimum of 10% recycled materials in the office.
  • Replaced office light bulbs to low impact LED bulbs.

Green Features of Our New Studio

  • Encouraging Bicycle Usage

    Project includes bicycle racks with access to a changing room with shower.

  • Encouraging Fuel-efficient Vehicles

    Preferred parking will be granted to those with fuel-efficient vehicles.

  • Restoring The Natural Habitat

    Native plants will be planted to restore natural habitat.

  • Reducing The Heat Island Effect

    Use of high-reflective concrete and roofing products results in reflection, rather than absorption, of sun’s ray.

  • Use Of Storm Water Designs

    A bioswale will navigate the property allowing for water runoff to be filtered and cleaned naturally before being retained in an on-site pond relieving the strain on public sewage systems.

  • Optimizing Energy Usage

    Building will be equipped with a tankless water heater.

  • Recycling Construction Waste

    More than 75% of construction waste will be recycled.

  • Going Local

    We’re using regional materials throughout the property and the use of low-emitting materials throughout construction.