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    Best Way to Find Yourself? Lose Yourself In Service to Others.

    While scouting locations in Mid City, we were lucky enough to meet Dustin LaFont, founder of Front Yard Bikes, a community bike shop that teaches kids to…

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    Epic-X and vintage Leica glass

    What could be better than shooting 5K at 120fps?

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    Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

    Cameras & 3D by Offhollywood / Digital FX. Shot on Epic with 3ality Technica systems.

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    Epic-X is Finally Here!

    Remember what it was like waiting for Christmas when you were a kid. Well, that’s how it’s been around DFX as we have waited all year for this stocking stuffer.

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    Alaskan Bears In 5K, Oh My!

    Dave’s trip to shoot Alaskan bears didn’t produce any harrowing tails of bear attacks, but the beauty of those Alaskan bears and the scenery of America’s greatest wilderness left quite an impression on him.

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    Hands-on with the Epic-M

    Now that we have our Epic-M in our hands, we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves. This camera is so drool-worthy, we had to share the love.